Deck dates 2023

In addition to all sporting activities, breeding is particularly important at the Schloßberg Stud. In 2023, our stallions will also be in “combination use”, i.e. they will breed in hand or in the herd as agreed (the breeding fee includes 7% VAT).

V: Aron frá Strandarhöfði
M: Ballerina frá Grafarkoti

Telephone contact: Lisa Drath, +49 160 93606065
Dates: all year round by arrangement

Stud fee: 1,500 euros (1,250 euros for elite mares) plus grazing fee

V: Aron frá Strandarhöfði
M: Von frá Hofsstöðum

Telephone contact: Nina Aue, +49 151 14293949
Dates: all year round by arrangement

Stud fee: 1,000 euros (900 euros for elite mares) plus grazing fee

V: Viglundur frá Vestra-Fiflholti
M: Orka frá Hvammi

Telephone contact: Daniel C. Schulz, mobil +49 170 3343880

From May 13th, 2023 by arrangement at the Heesberg Stud in Ehndorf.

Deck conditions

  • The mares must be free of contagious diseases and come from a disease-free herd. There must be valid proof of vaccinations against herpes and influenza. Furthermore, all mares require a negative bacteriological cervical swab sample (not older than 28 days) and a CEM swab sample with negative results (not older than 90 days). The CEM swab must be taken from the clitoris (the location of the removal must be indicated on the examination report) and can therefore also be carried out during pregnancy. These hygienic requirements also apply to mares with foals at heel. Please provide the laboratory results when the mares are delivered; freely formulated certificates will not be accepted.
  • We ensure that the mares are kept, cared for and fed in the best possible way. The stud farm assumes no liability for damage or loss that occurs to the mares or foals or is caused by illness and its consequences, as well as lightning, fire and other causes. The limitation of liability also includes the activities of vicarious agents. It does not apply if the damage is due to gross negligence or intent. As the mare owner, you are solely liable for any damage caused by your horses.
  • In the event of illness or injury for which veterinary treatment appears necessary, we as the stallion owner will, at our own discretion, call in a veterinarian on behalf of and at the expense of the mare owner. The same applies to treatment by a farrier. We charge €10 for each presentation to the vet/farrier.
  • The registration fee is €250 and will be deducted from the stud fee. The registration fee will be retained as a processing fee if the mare is deregistered. If the mare can be proven not to be pregnant when it is picked up, the remaining breeding fee will not be paid. Alternatively, mares that have not bred can be bred by the same stallion the following year free of charge if the mare is not pregnant by October 31st at the latest. of the year of breeding has been proven by a written veterinary certificate.
  • Mares must be delivered to the Zachow estate and forestry estate in good time before they are bred. Please refer to the respective registration confirmation for the exact dates.
  • Mares must be prepared for all-day grazing, unshod and dewormed the week before delivery.
  • Please enclose a copy of the proof of pedigree and any existing FIZO assessment of the mares with your registration.
  • The boarding costs are €5 per day per horse. Eczema care is charged at €4 per day per horse (excluding care products). In order to be able to carry out daily eczema care and all other necessary work on the horse, the horses must be easy to catch in the pasture.
  • Please pay the breeding and pasture fees when you pick up the mares.
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